Frans Johansson He/Him

Enterprise software CEO, global speaker, best-selling author

Fields of expertise:

With the launch of his fifth company in 2022, Frans Johansson continues to put his ideas and insights into action. Often far ahead of the market, Frans offers an indispensable perspective on the issues of the day that impact business, global competitiveness and innovation. His unique take translates into a signature stage style that has made him one of the most compelling speakers in the world.

Frans’s perspective and ethos are articulated in his books, The Medici Effect, which proves the power of diversity as a driver for innovation, and The Click Moment, which rewrites the rules for success in an increasingly unpredictable world. 

Over the last 15 years, Frans has brought his books to life, inspiring audiences worldwide with his provocative, often counterintuitive ideas, while impelling action with methods and tools now implemented by over 5,000 teams worldwide. As an advisor to executives, he has put diversity, equity and inclusion on the CEO agenda – and making this central to a company’s growth strategy.

In 2023, Frans will be debuting his latest thinking on the key topics keeping executives up at night: How deglobalization and demographic shifts impact innovation and how organizations can accelerate change to stay ahead. Stay tuned!

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