Ingrid Harb She/Her

TEDx Speaker, Founder and CEO, Global DE&I leader, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Fields of expertise:

In her early twenties, Ingrid Harb ignited a global movement by founding the Women Ambassadors Forum (WAF), driven by a burning desire to unite female change-makers worldwide. With WAF, she welcomed over 200 young leaders annually from 150+ countries, passionately striving to connect impactful individuals for a brighter future. As a fervent TEDx speaker, proud Latina, and multicultural leader, Ingrid dedicates herself to empowering the BIPOC community. With over a decade of experience in DEI, she has spearheaded significant advancements in diversity and inclusion across corporations, cities, and universities. Through NOTA Inclusion, Ingrid established a speaker's bureau, amplifying diverse voices and nurturing inclusivity. Her electrifying TEDx talk, "The Power of Unlearning," sparks a transformative movement towards authenticity and inclusion.

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