Dustin Giannelli He/Him

Profoundly deaf DEIA public speaker

Fields of expertise:

Dustin was diagnosed with a profound bilateral hearing loss at age five and began wearing hearing aids. Being deaf and adaptive has allowed Dustin to overcome life’s daily challenges and spread positivity in a powerful way and he’s here to share his story with you.

Dustin’s mission is to bring awareness to the challenges and solutions that give individuals with (and without) hearing loss the equitable access they need to succeed. HearsDustin is a platform where Dustin shares his stories and experiences, inspire others, and work with brands that aim to create more inclusive and accessible culture for everyone!

As a DEI and Accessibility focused public speaker and business professional who is profoundly deaf, Dustin shares his lived experiences, knowledge, PASSION and resources to highlight the importance of DEI best practices, accessibility and communication. Dustin has worn hearing aids since the age of 5 and uses his story as a vessel to the overall message, "The key to success in life is communication. And the key to communication is ACCESS!"

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