Matt Lindley He/Him

Founder & CEO of Propel Performance, Pilot, TEDx Speaker

Fields of expertise:

Matt Lindley is an airline and ex RAF Royal Squadron Pilot. He shares his story of being one of the first openly gay pilots in the armed forces, a story of self-motivation, determination and drive which led to his dream of joining the RAF fulfilled.

In 1995 Matt was selected to join the UK Royal Air Force as a pilot. During his military career, he flew many aircraft including the Hawk fighter jet. In 2000 he was selected to fly Her Majesty The Queen, members of the UK Royal Family and Government worldwide, serving on The Royal Squadron. Whilst serving, he became a qualified flying instructor and VIP qualified Captain. He flew missions in the Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Matt was one of the first openly gay pilots in the RAF.

In 2007 Matt left the Service to join a leading UK airline, initially flying the Airbus on their short haul network. Matt now flies the Boeing 777 on long haul routes.

In addition to flying, Matt specializes in non-technical training. He delivers Human Performance Factors keynote speeches and workshops which draw on flight management techniques to optimize outcomes, whilst minimizing human error in the workplace.

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