Thando Hopa She/Her

Fashion model, Advocate of diversity, Keynote, Speaker

Fields of expertise:

Thando Hopa is a fashion model and an advocate of diversity who has made her mark globally. Her varied portfolio includes her background as a sexual offence prosecutor in the regional court at the National Prosecuting Authority, an international fashion model and a cultural leader at the World Economic Forum.

She's made historical advances in her fashion career such as being the first South African person of colour to be featured in the Pirelli calendar and the first woman with albinism to ever grace the cover of Vogue Magazine. Her tenure in the media and promotion of inclusion, diversity and representation has led to her being recognised as one of BBC's Top 100 Inspirational and influential women across the globe. She is also the founder of the Africa Fashion Legacy Project that explores stories of diverse lAfrican textiles through intersectional identity.

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