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How to Create a Culture of Empathy at Work

Training overview

When an employee or client receives news of a death, a divorce, a disturbing headline, or a diagnosis, they need meaningful support. However, most co-workers and managers have little idea of what to do or say. Instead of offering impactful and relevant support, many default to silence or toss out a tired cliché.

A recent report on workplace empathy showed that 76% of employees directly linked productivity to the presence (or absence!) of empathy. How your organization supports people in the midst of hard times matters; it drives retention, helps to attract talent, alters brain chemistry, and lets people know that you truly care.

What if you could feel empowered to competently care for yourself and those around you at work? Through a range of offerings, workplace empathy expert Liesel Mertes empowers people to be workplace first responders, offering empathy and compassion when it matters most.

Key takeaways

Provide a foundational framework for compassionate engagement and equip employees with basic skills of empathy