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How Gritty Innovators Do More with Less (and Love It!)

Training overview

Unlock the full potential of your team in this “Do More with Less” environment by embracing the power of Gritty Innovation.  This proven strategy goes beyond the conventional “Big Squeeze” and helps your teams Do Better with Less.

Cracking the Intrapreneur’s Code: How To Think and Act Like a Startup Inside Large Organizations

Innovation isn’t just for R & D and the organizational elite.  Some of the most impactful innovations come from passion and purpose-driven intrapreneurs - entrepreneurs in your organization without a formal mandate to innovate. Cracking the Intrapreneur’s Code helps you get clear on how to support this powerful form of internal innovation, and inspires your intrapreneurs to take action through memorable stories, a clear process, and a whole lot of fun. Based on research from her book Disrupt It Yourself, Simone presents a proven approach to guide your intrapreneurs from ideas to innovation impact.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams who want to:

  • Address disruption by out-innovating from the inside of their organization
  • Build a culture where everyone feels empowered to innovate
  • Drive more and better innovation every day - without upending their entire organization

Key takeaways

A clear framework for everyone to activate innovation

A simple and proven action plan to accelerate ideas into bottom-line impact

The creative confidence they need to get into intrapreneurial action