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Lead with your Voice: Developing Inspired and Purpose-Driven Leaders

Training overview

Throughout history, leaders have used their voices to inspire audiences and mobilize action. Words can be used to command, comfort, and ignite. As one of the world’s foremost experts on communication and leadership, Allison Shapira teaches audiences how to lead with their voice in order to build trust with clients, colleagues, and other critical stakeholders.

Drawing upon her expertise as the founder of a successful public speaking company, her work with senior global executives, her unique background as a former opera singer, and her graduate course at Harvard University, Allison weaves together a powerful approach to using your voice.

She shares her innovative ACE Model of leadership communication, providing tangible takeaways that transform the way professionals communicate every day in order to have a powerful and positive impact on others. Allison reminds the audience that, at its very essence, communication is about exercising leadership with your voice: connecting with your passion, building your skills, and finding the confidence and courage to speak up.

Lead With Your Voice can be customized to any audience. Here is a sampling of the diverse groups that often engage Allison:

Executive Leaders: Senior leaders report that they spend most of their time communicating the directives of the company. They have to relay high-stakes messages in times of uncertainty in a way that reassures both investors and employees. In a “Lead With Your Voice'' keynote tailored specifically for senior executives, they are able to: 

  • Use their sense of purpose to connect more effectively with their teams

  • Clearly communicate in order to persuade important stakeholders

  • Learn how to be intentional and engaging so they can inspire their teams

Emerging Leaders: Emerging leaders often have subject-matter expertise but lack the polish or presence to step into leadership roles. Succession-planning in any organization requires investing in these high-potential employees so that they can confidently embrace more responsibility. In a “Lead With Your Voice” keynote for emerging leaders, they will feel empowered to: 

  • Build their confidence and their skill to step into leadership positions

  • Speak clearly and concisely by organizing their thoughts and avoiding rambling or filler words 

  • Craft persuasive messages that resonate with different audiences


Women Leaders: While everyone needs to speak with impact, when women and other underrepresented groups lack these skills, it disproportionately holds them back in their leadership trajectory. In a “Lead With Your Voice” keynote designed specifically for women, they learn to: 

  • Develop their own authentic speaking style, instead of trying to emulate someone else

  • Build their confidence to speak up on behalf of themselves or others

  • Learn to own the room, even when they don’t have all the answers

Sales Professionals: In order to be effective, sales professionals need to develop deep relationships of trust with clients and prospects. Sometimes, they sound scripted and inauthentic which reduces the effectiveness of their pitches. Building their communication skills helps shorten the sales cycle and increase referrals. In a “Lead With Your Voice” keynote, sales professionals better finesse how to:

  • Develop client-ready communication skills

  • Speak with authenticity, even when using a sales script

  • Persuasively describe their company’s value proposition

  • Confidently navigate customer objections and provide solutions


Key takeaways

AUTHENTICITY – By tapping into your sense of purpose

you find language that is both authentic and persuasive. You realize that your right to speak doesn’t come from anyone else — it comes from within.

CLARITY – In a world of constant distraction

audiences crave brevity. Learn how to speak clearly and concisely amidst uncertainty.

ENERGY – Your voice can affect the energy of the entire room. Learn how to consistently harness your best energy to speak with power and presence.