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Unlearning Silence: Building a Speak Up Culture

Training overview

Silence undercuts your efforts

Why unlearn silence?

There are few work dynamics that silence doesn’t implicate. You and your team invest so much in training, restructuring, motivating and communicating, but aren’t getting the results you want. If team members feel silenced and continue to silence one another, you can’t get to...

• Collaboration
• Innovation
• Teamwork
• Trust
• Psychological Safety
• Retention
• Employee experience and wellness

Whether contributor or leader, you need people to unlearn silence in order to be effective.

About the workshop:

You tell people to speak up. After all, as a leader, you want people to tell you what’s really going on before problems arise. You want the ideas that get to the best outcomes. You want to build psychological safety for your team. But people still stay silent. What gives? 
Based on Unlearning Silence (Penguin 2024), we explore how learned silence and the ways we unintentionally silence people undercuts our best intentions. We examine the messages you’re really sending with your actions and offer ways to build new patterns of working together. We offer concrete steps for unlearning how we silence ourselves and the people we lead – so together we can reap the benefits of collaboration and innovation.

Key takeaways

Identify the ways you have learned and benefited from silence

Analyze how your behaviors may silence rather than support your team

Develop a personal strategy for using your voice that aligns with your strengths and wiring