Greg Wells He/Him

Physiologist, Scientist, Speaker & Author

Fields of expertise:

For Dr. Greg Wells, health, wellbeing, and peak performance are personal and professional obsessions.   Dr. Wells has a Ph.D. in Physiology and has served as a Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children and as a professor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto.  

His mission is to make the science of human health and wellbeing understandable and actionable. To that end he has authored five best-selling books – Superbodies, The Ripple Effect, The Focus Effect, Rest, Refocus, Recharge and Powerhouse.  

He is the CEO and founder of Wells Performance, a consulting firm committed to achieving the moonshot of helping teams, schools and businesses become places where people get healthy, perform optimally and reach their potential.  He has worked with some of the highest-performing individuals on the planet, including Olympic and World champions, and with organizations ranging from General Electric to Deloitte, KPMG, BMW, Audi, and the Royal Bank.

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