Dr Ryan C. Warner He/Him

Sought-after consulting psychologist, Globally recognized speaker, Military veteran, Scholarly researcher

Fields of expertise:

To some, Ryan’s personal uniqueness may have been seen as a significant disadvantage, but for him it is a sole contributor to his authentic spirit. As a Black male who experienced early discrimination and learning challenges while being raised in a single-parent home, Ryan was pushed to overcome many hurdles to succeed. Today, Ryan uses his past experiences as fuel to facilitate motivation, change, and impact for the clients he serves.

As a globally recognized speaker, award-winning psychologist, published scholar, and military Veteran, Ryan is passionate about assisting teams with creating a culture of inclusion to maximize their potential. He takes an energetic and customized approach when speaking on topics related to microaggressions in the workplace, disability inclusion, mental health, and psychological resilience. With a PhD in Counseling Psychology, Ryan utilizes his expertise on human behavior to drive meaningful, lasting change for his clients.

Ryan’s message has been heard by millions of people around the world and has reached organizations like the United States Embassy, United States Department of Agriculture, United Nations, AMD, Cheesecake Factory, Populous, and many more.

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